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Dramatic Medicine is where Education and Theatricality
wed to teach Public Health and to promote Complementary Care

David Boles' polymathic program in Dramatic Medicine is a method of teaching critical health issues and Preventative Medicine using drama and theatrical techniques.  We also focus on how Dramatic results occur in the well-being of a community through complementary care initiatives promoted in performance.  Our emphasis on Healing erupts from an integrative, humanistic, aesthetic, base and we are pleased to announce we are now a program of study at Boles University!

More of this site will be forthcoming; research and construction are being created and if you would like to join us or submit a site or project for review, please do so immediately!

Current & Pending Projects
We invite you to discover our project -- GIS in Public Health -- to see how technology and visual data heals the misbegotten and the socio-economically disadvantaged.


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