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GIS in Public Health

This page represents a quick presentation of what is possible with GIS (Geographic Information Systems) software.  We are pleased to provide some GIS content for Glencoe/McGraw-Hill publishing for three textbooks due out in 2008: World Geography and Cultures, Glencoe World History and The American Vision -- all with a combined expected worldwide sales of 750,000 copies.

FINAL PROJECT (PowerPoint - Lesser Quality Images - 591kb):
A Quantitative View of New Jersey's Essex County Civilian Non-Institutionalized Sensory Disabled

I live in Jersey City, New Jersey in The Heights neighborhood near Christ Hospital. I have always wondered who and what surrounds me from a cultural, healthcare and economic point-of-view. Here are images of six views I created. These images are large files because I want to show the detail so if you have a slow internet connection it may take awhile for the images to load. Click the Back button to return to this index page after you view an image:

The Jersey City Christ Hospital Five Mile View Project

Christ Hospital
Christ Hospital within a five mile ring (154kb)
Blacks who live near Christ Hospital (158kb)
Blacks and Whites who live near Christ Hospital (185kb)
Those who Own and Rent near Christ Hospital (196kb)
A 400% magnified view of Asians and Hispanics who live near Christ Hospital (175kb)

The entire project is over 20MB because you need all the supporting files in order to view the project. If you are interested in seeing the entire project, let me know, and we'll see if we can find a way to get you the file. I started the project in 2004 to see how many Golf courses were near Christ Hospital so I could try to make a correlation between Golfing and not being able to find a doctor when you needed one, but I was surprised to find out that in Jersey City at that time -- and actually all of Hudson County -- there were no Golf courses -- and another great wondering fell down the drain! If you zoom out from the initial project view you will slowly begin to see a pattern of Golf courses strategically sprouting beyond the urban base.

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