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Welcome to The Scientific Aesthetic Quarterly where Medicine and the Arts mate to create healing in a scholarly Journal. The polymathic David W. Boles is the publisher of The Scientific Aesthetic Quarterly. 

We are pleased to announce this journal is now the official Quarterly of Boles University.

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The big idea here is there is a guiding Aesthetic purpose brought to Science and Medicine that is consciously employed or even unwittingly called upon to Heal based upon the genetic universal human desire to find meaning in shaping and creating beauty as demonstrated in the Arts and the Humanities.

We look to Kant and Hegel and Foucault and Aristotle and other great minds as cornerstones of inspiration for this journal.  Making curious connections between Science and the Humanities and how they inform and influence each other is the purpose of the journal.  Narrative Medicine, Health and Healing, Quantitative Methods, Imaginative Literature, Oral History Methodology, Drama and Music Therapy, Integrative Medicine, Qualitative Research and other therapeutic courses are all subsets of a Scientific Aesthetic.

If you have any papers you would like to have published here that in some small or large way relate to the big idea of the site, please let us know by clicking on the email hotlink and we will get your work online. 

Your submission may be purely anecdotal or esoteric or personal if hard research is beyond your scope.  If you are interested in taking a larger leadership or editorial role in the site, please let us know that as well.  The site is advertising free so there is no payment for publication or for working to help build the site.

You will keep the Copyright.  The only thing we require in exchange for publishing you is that once you are published you always remain published on the site.  Revoking your work after publication will not be allowed because the evergreen historical accuracy of the website takes priority.  We also request that if your work is subsequently published elsewhere you credit The Scientific Aesthetic Quarterly as the original source of publication.

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